Sarah Nmachi
2 min readApr 25, 2022



I opened your test version and had a good look and matched my SharePoint list titles and formatting and went and looked at the patch code on the confirm button and it all looks the same but I still cannot patch. The button is set to edit…. My code matches yours — I just don’t know what is going wrong?

Any suggestions?”

Above is an example of an issue received from a power apps user. It is frustrating knowing you did everything right, however things do not work the way you want.

As seen below there is no error shown, however, whenever a user clicks on the button, patch does not create the record on SharePoint.

One of the reasons from my experience is that the SharePoint column internal name/Field is different from the SharePoint column name.

What is the difference between the SharePoint Field and SharePoint Column Name?

Every Column in SharePoint has two(2) names, the internal name assigned by SharePoint when you created the column and the name assigned by you.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, there is no way to change the internal name.

How do I find the Field name/internal name?

To find the Field name

  • Go to List Settings
  • Click on the affected Column
  • The field name is found at the end of the URL

As seen in above image Field is “Reserved_x0020_By1” while the column name is “Reserved By”.

Most times at the creation of a column, if there is a lot of space, SharePoint randomly fills this space with special characters as seen above.

To fix this issue, you need to replace the column name in your power apps patch code with the SharePoint Field/internal name as seen below

In conclusion, when creating a column, avoid the use of complicated names to avoid errors like this. The column name can always be changed later to anything complicated while the internal name cannot.